Where the hell are you getting your inspiration from?

I see everyone and their mother heading to the gym. Searching for the latest app or fad diet to join and I don't blame anyone. In the past, I have done the same exact thing.

In 2010 I did my very first Master Cleanse, that's some Beyonce type weight loss. 10 days of water, cayenne pepper, lemon juice, and maple syrup. Anyone would lose weight if that's all you're putting into your body. FACT.

After that, it was the South Beach Diet but instead of doing the recommended two weeks for phase one I thought, I'm doing so good I can make it three. Then I crashed. Want to know what happened next?

Not one ice cream cookie sandwich then I let go of what was left of my willpower and I ordered a supreme pizza with soda and cheesy bread and I ate until I couldn't anymore.

I had worked hard to lose weight fast and it was not too pretty easy too. It was just as easy to gain it all back and even more. Why? I hadn't learned any tips or tricks, had no knowledge of how to keep weight off or why I caved so easily. No self-control and I was using food as a crutch.

Something goes wrong, I need a treat. Passed a class I will celebrate with sushi. It didn't matter what the reason, I was always thinking about food, even when I was eating I was thinking about what was next. I love it. The taste, the smell, how different mixtures and textures create new and delicious meals.

I still enjoy food but I had to break the habit. You have to get outside of yourself for a second and really look at what you are consuming.

You don't have to count calories, but if you aren't working out and you want to lose weight something has got to give.

It took me years to gain the bad habits I associate with food and it will take years to retrain my brain but heading into year two of being mindful I can tell you if you keep pushing you WILL see results.

How do you do it?

Step One. Pick your poison.

  1. Calorie counting
  2. Fitbit Tracking
  3. Journaling
  4. Some type of accountability

All the above can be done together or some version of each but the point is you are paying attention to something, anything instead of throwing caution to the wind and then getting frustrated when you don't see results.

Step Two: Game Plan

  1. How much do you want to lose?
  2. Are you going to go to the gym or burn the calories at home?
  3. Begin
  4. Don't give up
  5. Drink Water - you will get cramps so please this is so important for your recovery and your overall health (8 cups a day)

Step Three: It's all you baby

  1. You are the one wanting to do this so in the end it's you who needs to discover what motivates you. Your partner has either been super supportive and watched you tank many a time or they are on their own path. It's time to find your tribe :) Get It Right! Get It Tight! is free and fun support for all
  2. There will be a moment in your journey where things start to shift from pushing yourself to do such and such to doing it because you want to, because you know how good you will feel afterwards. That is SO sexy to a partner, to see you owning your own body. They will either jump on board or start showing you more verbal support but either way, your body happiness HAS to come from within for this to work. If they don't I am sorry ... that is odd they wouldn't be in your corner so take note

If you are a major snacker like me you might want to start stocking up on veggies, I was a pickle freak for a while, they are only 5 calories so if you munch em slow you get the crunch and satisfaction of a snack without derailing your progress. Celery is like nothing, swapping cucumbers for chips as well :) Have you tried brussel spout chips, another banger with a VERY low calorie count.

I stepped on the scale last week and was at 194, today it's 190 so don't tell me veggies don't do something for you :)




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