Miley Cyrus is much smarter than she looks and portrays. Her mama didn't raise no fool.  She acts as a master puppeteer to the sheeple of the world.

Maybe that's one reason so many parents recoil at the thought of her influencing their kids -- she's at the top of a new list of female celebrities that parents wish their kids didn't look up to.

Here's the list:

Female Celebrities (Negative Influences)

1)  Miley Cyrus 78%

2)  Nicki Minaj 54%

3)  Kim Kardashian 43%

4)  Kristen Stewart 36%

5)  Rihanna 34%

Male Celebrities (Negative Influences)

1)  Kanye West 56%

2)  Justin Bieber 55%

3)  Zayn Malik 41%

4)  Shia LaBeouf 38%

5)  Joey Essex 25%

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