If you own a cat, you already know.

For those that don't...yet. Here are many reasons and examples your rescue, adoption, or surprise addition to the family will bring you more joy than you could ever imagine!

Some Like It Hot

Busy is obsessed with snuffing out candles and playing with the wax - Sharlene Hughes

That Cats That Could Count

Mine have always been able to count. My catsitter found out the hard way when she tested my little guy's abilities and short-changed him on his treats. He knew he was due 2 more and refused to move until he got them. At which point he politely got up and relocate - Beth Aurebach

The Life Saver

Mine can tell when something is up with me. A few days after I adopted her I had a pretty big anxiety attack and she jumped up and started licking the tears off my face. Another time my blood sugar was low and she brought me my testing kit. Sure enough, if it weren’t for her I would’ve had a seizure within the hour - Fatimah Gianna Bevan Heriford

The Quiet Ones

My cat is a retriever. Hardly meows, he taps things clearly communicates with body language - Cynthia Christian
The Chase That Never Ends
Both of my kittens, Jewel and Pearl, are obsessed with chasing their own tails. You can usually find them spinning in circles on the kitchen floor or up at the top of their cat tree, in a really precarious position, doing the same. If they fall off, they climb right back up and continue. We've been cat owners and cat lovers for over 40 years, and have never seen this behavior - Donna Bayar Repsher
Cats Just Know 
My Binx has always been so in tune with me emotionally. I would not have made it through losing my parents last year if not for him. He just knows - Susan Wilkinson
No Drawer Left Unopened 
In my kitchen, I have a set of 4 drawers on the right of the sinks. They go top to bottom 4 drawers. Well, Jax owns this house as you know. And he prefers that bottom drawer open about 6 or 8 inches or so. If I close it I can guarantee he'll open it back up within minutes. Every time someone closes that drawer he opens it right back up. Right now the drawer is open. Because I've given up trying to keep it closed. Lol - Nancy Giakoumis

The Wild World of Tuxedo Cats and Beyond

Why do cats have whiskers? Why do they meow? Why do they nap so much? And answers to 47 other kitty questions:

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