1.) You're on your phone anyway, so download the app

2.) It's FREE -- so it won't cost you anything to download the app

3.) We give away tickets like the upcoming Dozer Day event and you'll need a code word ... which you will only get from the app

4.) You can message us and even send photos and videos while we are on-air from the messaging feature on the app

5.) We love to put together scavenger hunts when we are out on location and you can only play via ... you guessed it the app

but first let me take a selfie

6.) During contests like cash codes, you can enter the word on the app! Winning up to $5,000 a day has never been easier. Just listen and win!

7.) When we have breaking news, we will put it on the website but we also send out alerts so you can be in the know about your favorite artists and things that are happening around the valley. Maybe you will be the one to break the news when you send us something. You never know! But seriously, the only way to get in on this is to download the app

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