I had been warned to be careful going out to Moxee, WA on the 4th of July. From afar it looks like the entire city is lighting fireworks, for hours. Miles away it looks stunning, peaceful, and just what an evening celebrating the 4th of July should be but when you are in the middle of Moxee during the 4th of July. It kind of feels like a war zone.

The smoke billows from every driveway, fireworks whistle, crackle and sparkle while children all the way up to adults are shrieking. The Roman Candles are passed out and no one adheres to the instructions, please plant candles firmly in the ground, and then light. No, these Roman Candles are being shot at people, cars, trees, the sky. It's a free-for-all,  one of the last places in the area where it's legal to light off as many fireworks as you want. For now.

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The Big Question for 2023

To ban or not to ban fireworks in the city of Moxee and the Mayor and City Council want to hear from you!

1) BAN Fireworks completely

2) BAN Fireworks, but have the options of a community event (professional display/ no residential fireworks).

3) ALLOW Fireworks, leave the municipal code as-is.

These changes won't go into effect until 2023 but the time is now to get your vote in.

You Must Get Your Vote to Moxee's City Hall by Friday, April, 15th 2022

Late surveys will  not be accepted and only one vote per household, please

Out of Curiosity, Let's Take an Online Poll While We Wait for the Decision


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