Sometimes the snow storms miss us, being a Valley and all, and some times they land. We are currently in the early stages of a massive weather surge, the first that Winter brings us in 2022 so hold on to your snow shovels.

According to AccuWeather we have a storm watch in effect until 4 pm on Monday with the chance of 2 - 5 inches of snow and currently, it's sticking.

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If you get a chance to pop up your vehicle wipers and set some gloves near the door for morning time, at the very least your fingers won't freeze while getting ready in the morning.

Looks like we could possibly get more snow Tuesday and Wednesday so plan accordingly. If you are a nervous driver on snowy roads just remember not to slam on the breaks, light tapping works best. Head on a swivel, eyes on the road and watch that you're not following too close. If you can't see the tires of the beicle in front of you, you're too close.

Important Items for Your Trunk

  • Gloves
  • Hand Warmers
  • Blanket
  • Water
  • Non-perishable snacks like granola bars and apple sauce
  • Flashlight
  • Emergency Cones

Always remember to tell at least one person where you're headed and even set your phone to automatically texted someone that you're on the road and will get back with them once you're done driving so the temptation of distraction is a bit less. Avoid fiddling with the radio or searching in the backseat, just in case and good luck out there.

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