Baby, it's cold outside! I noticed a crispness in the air earlier today.

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And sure enough, in checking the weather app on my phone, guess what came up? A Freeze Watch is in effect from Tuesday into Wednesday night. I cannot believe it.


There's also a Winter Weather Advisory for the Blue Mountains, for SNOW, 6-10 inches.

NWS Pendleton
NWS Pendleton

The Watch areas include:

In Oregon, the Eastern Columbia River Gorge, the Lower Columbia Basin of Oregon, the Foothills of the Northern Blue Mountains of Oregon, the Foothills of the Southern Blue Mountains, and North Central Oregon. In Washington, Eastern Columbia River Gorge, the Lower Columbia Basin, the Foothills of the Blue Mountains of Washington, and Simcoe Highlands.

Frost and freeze conditions can kill crops. Outdoor plumbing can be damaged. You're advised to take steps to prevent possible bursting of pipes by having them wrapped, drained, and allowed to drip slowly.

Some folks LOVE the snow. And some of us, don't.


So, when can we expect snow to begin falling in Tri-Cities?

What did the Farmer's Almanac have for us? One thing is certain. Weather is unpredictable. What we can do though is prepare for it. If you're planning to travel mountain passes, be sure to have the necessary items should you get stranded. Your winter travel kit should contain blankets, water, boots, gloves, a first aid kit, jumper cables, tire chains, a cell phone charger, nonperishable snacks, a flashlight, extra batteries, etc.

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