Summer has arrived and that means, schools out forever! JK but I am sure it might already feel that way! Do you have a local spot you just LOVE going to each year?

My husband and I found a beautiful little place in Wheeler, OR but of course, we waited too long and now the room we are interested in is booked. So we have begun the search.

We don't want to break the bank but also realize that if you don't plan things out you will end up spending more plus I am a FREAK about a fireplace and jacuzzi so if we could find a room with both that would be cool. And being that we will be gone a while it would probably be best to have a kitchen and maybe even a deck with a bbq so we arent' as tempted to go out. I want fancy and inexpensive. :) Does it exist?

I asked friends on facebook if they would be so kind as to help a lady out with new ideas and here is what they came up with. Care to add your favorite as well?


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