Valley Mall is wrapping up Kids Club Wednesday, August 12th 2020 with a bang, or should I say roar! The theme will be safari with a bag containing items that ages three through 13 will love.

I've heard there will be special features to this last Kids Club, golden eggs to be exact. 20 of the bags will also have a golden egg that contains a gift card to use at Valley Mall. Not the first 20 or the middle 20 so it could be anyone that comes out to celebrate the last one of the summer.

It begins at 11 am and the best way to get in line is to enter from the backside of the Sears parking lot. The line of cars will weave through the parking lot and we move pretty quickly until the bags run out or we arrive at 1 pm.

Ask Sarah J for the code word to gain access to chances at family four-packs of tickets to enjoy Silverwood Theme Park and Boulder Beach before the summer days are gone.

Here are some of the bags from past Kids Clubs

Kids Club

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