I've been here for about a month now and I think I've found some pretty decent breakfast spots. But wouldn't you know it, my new best friends and co-hosts Brian and Reesha turned me on to my new favorite place.

Ballesteri's is a quaint little spot right across from our station, little did I known when Brian and Reesha got me breakfast from there I wouldn't be able to stop going back. Ballesteri's does a little bit of everything, salads, 3 egg omelets, cold and grilled sandwiches, hamburgers, chicken fried steak, chicken sandwiches it feels like the list goes on.

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The first thing I got to try was the biscuits and gravy thanks to Reesha, I'm not one for getting it outside of ma's house...that's not a restaurant that's just my mom's place. What can I say she knows how to make it. But Ballesteri's knew what they were doing, biscuits were flaky, the sauce was savory and salty, the pads of butter on top took it to the next level!

Next I tried out the grilled turkey bacon swiss and it left me stuffed with the sandwich alone, but they give you more, I'm talking chips and a pickle really making it the best bang for your buck. Brian was gracious enough to treat me to it. Boy, I can say it hit the spot for breakfast too.

Last but not least my go-to breakfast choice is the eggs benedict, I'm an absolute sucker for the hollandaise sauce. They give you an option of either hashbrowns or homestyle potatoes. I'm not one to turn hashbrowns down but those homestyle potatoes are golden brown and pack a delicious crunch leaving you wanting more whether you're stuffed or not. Once again I gotta thank Reesha for this one.

Overall I'm giving this place a solid 4.5 out of 5, expect to see me eating there again and again. If you ever wanna treat me to breakfast like Brian and Reesha. Or maybe just a friendly hello and a fist bump.



If I left you feeling hungry Ballesteri's is 4001 Summitview Ave #3, Yakima, WA. Or I can give ya three easy recipes you can make right now.


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