"Been around the world and ay-yi-yi..." I can find my baby, Santa baby that is!

Traditions are getting all kinds of facelifts in 2020, so it's really comforting to know that if you were curious how Santa and his reindeer are doing, you could write him a note before the 12th locally

and then beginning on Christmas Eve at 4 am (I called to check) you can track his Christmas route!

For the 65th year in a row, the official NORAD Santa Tracker is a go people! His list is long, he'll be checking it twice and whether you're being naughty or nice he has the entire globe to travel, in just one night. What's the path he takes?

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When you are eating breakfast on Christmas Eve he is already working on the other side of the world dropping off gifts to sleeping babes. Wouldn't it be cool to know he is in Australia while you are baking Christmas cookies?

Like having an advent calendar countdown I see the official NORAD tracking website will have a brand new arcade game to play every day, so if Elf on the Shelf isn't happening, this is a great alternative.

You could start all kinds of traditions to celebrate Santas global travels, like watching the movie Krampus, in honor of Austria

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Order some KFC and you are celebrating like the Japanese like to!

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You could hide your broom on Christmas Eve as Norwegians have done for many Christmas Eve pasts, you know so witches don't steal them.

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