Do you wait on the radio for your favorite song to play? Have you ever called into the radio station and done a shout-out before?

Both of those awesome things are available every day with 107.3 KFFM!

You can download our free app and find out what songs just played, stream, send us a private message, call us, even send us pictures!

I'm (Sarah J) live every weekday afternoon from 2 pm until 7 pm and would LOVE to hook you up with your favorite song and a shout-out. Call-in at 509-972-1073 or reach out on social media! Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram :)

The end of the hour could be reserved for just for your message and song. Savannah took advantage of it this afternoon and gave a shout-out to all the other BTS fans out there! :)

They are coming to America ahhh!

Let me know what your favorite song is cause right now I am all about Wow :)


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