Strength. Perseverance. Motivation. Drive and the will to succeed.

Where does all that come from? Doing it. Putting in the hard work and somewhere deep inside each and every one of us it exists.

I know it's tough when you have turned yourself into an unmotivated lump on a log. Frustrated at yourself you find yourself lashing out and onto other people. Excuses and the whole rigamarole. Then you watch something like above and it could drop you lower or it could fires you up! Take note of how you react because it's a stepping stone on the path you are currently on and we can always change course.

That's why I watch, oh, and the fact that Margaux and I used to attend college together! A sweet little bonus and an incredible motivator to not be too lazy.

The strength and perseverance I see each week from her is nothing new. She has always been driven and now she has reached the finals of season 2 of The Titan Games. Tonight we all find out who is the cream of the crop on top of Mount Olympus. Tonight at 8 pm on NBC, she will compete and my husband and I will be sitting on the couch cheering her on.

This show has been super fun to watch during such a weird time in life. Muscle bound people you think would excel get caught up in one section or another. Last night's recap of the Eastern Finals was intense.

Can you imagine attempting to lift a barrel and throw it while you are tied to another person attempting to do the same thing? Exhausting and super frustrating. No thank you for me but very fun to watch.

And then after using what you thought was your last push of energy, collecting yourself and having to compete on Mount Olympus? That's what's up. It's a testament to show you it doesn't matter where you come from. You could be a high school teacher and a Titan, Will. Or a winemaker and a Titan, Margaux.

The Titan Games

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