I had the itch to shop this morning and it didn't die down while at work so on my way home I decided to pour my energy into searching for where the best items are kept for specific needs. Every spot has secrets and the ever changing selection at the local Union Gospel Mission Thrift Shops around town feature a double give-back.

You score an awesome item and your purchase helps continue feeding those in need and more!

There is the original Light House Thrift on Front Street which is temporarily closed. The brand new Summit Thrift on Summitview and Mission Thrift on Lincoln. I chose Mission Thrift and it was buzzing for sure. People pulling up their trucks to drop off or pick-up and I was excited to see if I might find something I couldn't live without.

My personality leans towards impulse shopper so the game is always to play it tough, walk away and come back if I really, really like it. I'll be honest, I had a moment. There were some awesome coffee mugs but I left them for you.

The Top Seven Items to Snag at Mission Thrift


From candy bowls to vases and what I am assuming are double shot glasses there are tons of different drinking glasses and cool pieces to add to your collection or begin one. I've seen loads of DIY projects where people are turning them into water features in the garden or tiers for cakes and treats.

Fine China and Dinnerware

If you are moving this is a great spot to drop off what you aren't bringing with you and also a perfect spot to swing by when you are moving into town or ready for some new pieces.

Picture Frames

These suckers can you run you a pretty penny, especially when you're searching for larger frames. On occasion you'll find something really cool already framed! I don't know about you but a lion wearing glasses would look really nice by your books.


For flipping days for all kinds and for all types of events they even carry a really nice variety of soccer shoes.


Are you getting married or have an upcoming event where you want something stunning? I was shocked and a little envious of the person who will snag the long sparkly purple dress.


Are you a fan of vinal records? There was quite a stack in the corner and a few different ways to play them. Great for gifts or to add to your collection sometimes we forget what's out there.


If you plan on owning a few board games, this is a great spot to find something new without breaking the bank.

What's at each store always changes but sometimes you find exactly what you didn't even know you wanted. Good luck and happy helping our community!

Mission Thrift Finds

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