BLT's bring me back. They really weren't a go-to summer meal growing up but I associate them with my late Grandma who always grew beefsteak tomatoes. She would say those were the best to use for BLT's so in her honor when my latest Pacific Northwest Fresh Box arrived and there were giant ones I knew exactly what I would be making.

Bread is an important factor and after making two different versions I have concluded that my favorite bread for a BLT is sunflower bread that I purchased at the Downtown Yakima Farmer's Market last week from the Burhmaster Baking Company Booth.

It's sturdy and perfect for the type of weight we are about to throw in between its slices.


Two slices of bread ( I really enjoy sunflower bread but whatever is your favorite)

Three slices of cooked bacon

Slices of Beefsteak tomato

Mustard and mayo

Garlic Scape Pesto (recipe linked)

Red Lettuce or whatever is on hand

Shishito peppers were what I decided for my side but honestly, it could be your favorite chip, some cucumbers, and hummus or carrots and ranch!

How to build the ultimate BLT