We don't know about you, but the mere thought of going back-to-school shopping makes us shake our heads and roll our eyes. For some of us parents, buying all of those supplies for back-to-school is pretty spendy, and the chunk of dough that we crank out during back-to-school time makes our wallets cry out in pain!

Now, I will sound a bit grouchy for saying this, but back in my day, when you bought school supplies it was just a few items! All you needed was a few pencils, an eraser or two, a folder for each class and a binder to hold them all inside your backpack. Nowadays, you've got to add baby wipes, scissors, composition notebooks, reams of copy paper (REAMS?), 10 lords a-leaping, nine ladies dancing, and a partridge in a pear tree!

For instance, here's a copy of my daughter's kindergarten class school supplies from her elementary school:

School Supplies List

I went to the Dollar Tree to see if they had all of the items on this list. They have everything except the backpack or the name brands of the erasers and the pencils, nor did I find any dividers with pockets.

I want parents to remember that the Dollar Store is your friend! It is a great option for parents on a budget, but be prepared to spend around $30 on supplies (including tax). BUT THAT IS JUST FOR KINDERGARTEN SUPPLIES! Be prepared to spend about twice as much at the Dollar Store if you have a child past that grade, PER CHILD.

Now do you understand why most parents everywhere are moaning in dismay?

But look, what is that?

Here comes the Yakima Elks Lodge, entering stage left, as if they are our fairy godmother! If you can make it over to Selah this weekend, the Yakima Elks Lodge will help parents get some of those items checked off on their school supplies so that they can breathe a bit easier (and perhaps use some of that money saved to buy more back to school CLOTHES, which is a whole other nightmare in itself)!

This Sunday at 1pm, the Yakima Elks are offering for free (while school supplies last), supplies on a first come, first served basis. You must bring your kids, though, and if you have it, bring along the list of supplies that your school says your child needs.

Why are they doing this? Because, according to their website, Elks Lodges "bring so much more to their communities than just a building, golf course or pool"! A spokesperson for the Yakima Elks, Chuck LaCoursiere, says the Elks Lodge #318 was fortunate enough to receive a national grant to help fund their community project ideas, and they decided as a group to host this event!

The focus of this community project aims to help parents in need to fill their school supplies list with as much as they can.

You just gotta love that!

What: Yakima Elks School Supplies Distribution

Where: Yakima Elks Lodge, 318 Golf Course Loop, Selah

When: Sunday, July 17, 1 p.m. until supplies run out (arrive early if you can!)

Cost: Free To Attend; Must bring child. Lemonade, cookies, and prizes will also be provided, free of charge.

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