Fresh produce in downtown Yakima will begin Sunday, May 24th, and continue every Sunday through mid-October from 9 am - 1 pm in Downtown Yakima with some changes so let's all mentally prepare ourselves, shall we?

  1. There will be a line with one entrance on Yakima Ave and 3rd Street and shoppers will exit at Chestnut and 3rd
  2. Only three people per vendor so as people go out people will come in
  3. Please limit to one person coming to the market and it would be a great idea to have a list of what you are searching for
  4. There will be no music, entertainment, or public seating at this time until restaurants are 100% up and running. I know, we all will miss this.
  5. Volunteer, staff, vendors, and shoppers are not required to wear a mask however it is highly recommended
  6. The vendors will wear gloves, have a set-up to receive money and will also have their own handwashing stations
  7. Processing snap. EBT and cards at the info booth. I didn't know if you forgot cash they will pull it from your card and give you wooden tokens, very cool!
  8. Currently, they are working on finding a community partner for Market Match (GREAT OPPORTUNITY to help the community)
  9. The Market Match can only be used for fruits, produce, herbs, herb plants, and mushrooms
  10. WICC and SFMP checks will still be accepted and can be spent at all farmers markets that are registered
  11. There will not be public bathrooms so please plan ahead
  12. Pre-order and pre-pay is an option that is being set-up for vendors will continue to stay updated RIGHT HERE so keep checking back
  13. Please leave animals at home unless it's a service animal
  14. Only the vendors will touch the items. Please be patient and ask them anything. Maybe figure out more ways to use certain items.
  15. You can bring your own shopping bags as you will be the only touching them
  16. There will be hot food to purchase but everything will be packed to go so make sure to ask for your extra condiments because there aren't going to be.
  17. Currently, curbside pick-up isn't set-up however there are some exciting ideas being tossed around to help with moving people through effectively and safely so stay tuned

Thank you, Yvette and team, for the info and your diligent work behind the scenes to keep our valley safe while still enjoying an outdoor market.

Please be patient, be kind to vendors and yourself. Everyone is aware this isn't how we imagined things to be but here we are and I know I'm not alone when I say I am VERY thankful this is even happening.

Yakima's Farmers Market

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