Warmer weather is officially here and that means both the Downtown Yakima Farmers Market located on Front Street Sundays AND Yakima's Farmer's Market located in the Valley Mall parking lot are in full swing.

This weekend was the first for the Downtown Yakima Farmer's Market, organizer Yvette says,

Market went WAY better than I ever expected. We nearly reached 2,000 attendees yesterday which is a HUGE improvement compared to last year.

Learn more about what's offered at this year's market HERE but there is something else EVERYONE needs to be aware of.

On social media yesterday I noticed Yvette was warning people about a scam going around having to do with messages posing as part of The Downtown Yakima Market team! When checked it seems most of these accounts have been hacked or are fake, sometimes it's obvious, no profile photo or friends. Here's what she wants people to know about what happened with the fake accounts and they had

been posting in the comments section of our Facebook or Instagram accounts indicating if they want more information on becoming a vendor to contact them. But they are not associated with the farmers market whatsoever.

GROSS! I know that there are scams EVERYWHERE but I didn't think people are that hard up that they would try this angle. Yvette says it's more common than people think and SO many people have lost money, not realizing who they are talking to and providing too much information before it's too late. She wants everyone to please be aware and take a few extra seconds to double-check before providing personal information to anyone else.

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