My amazing friend and city council member Holly Cousins posted some pretty incredible photos today that I asked if I could share.

I don't know if you were aware but last year at the Sunfair Parade we had visitors from South Korea in the parade and this Saturday, September 21st, it will be happening again. It's a 10 am start time and runs from the corner of 16th and Yakima all the way to the Capitol Theater.

Just like a sister from another mister we have sisters from another … Country.

Our distinguished delegates are;

Geum Seok Park - Hadong Vice Mayor

Tae Jim Kang - Hadoug Cultural Foundation Chief

Bok Man Kim - The Master of Institutions and Customs of Hagdang

Sun I Yu - Hadong Panning and Budget Department

Holly has been showing off our apples with a tour at Monson Fruit

The talented musicians of West Valley Junior High showed off their skills and then the Korea Traditional Percussion Group "Haulrim" showed of theirs.

Townsquare Media/Holly Cousins
Townsquare Media/Holly Cousins

The most exciting part about that is, the Korea Traditional Percussion Group performed at the fairgrounds twice today and they will also be in the parade so if you didn't battle them at West Valley, no worries you still have a chance to cheer them on.