In a world of right handed people, lefties make up only 10% of the population. For such a small portion we seem to be everywhere and it's a little known fact that we have some odd struggles that are unique to lefties.

Did you know that most lefties prefer pens over pencils because we tend to leave smudges not only on the page we write on but also along the side of our hand and down our arm in some cases. We also prefer certain types of pens over others due to the ink because they could do the same as the pencils.

We hold our writing utensils differently, some would say incorrectly, but who made that rule?

Due to the way we hold our pens and pencils some of us have a bump on the inside top left ring finger...maybe that's why but I believe it's a superficial bump.

It is what is is for us but for those that have attempted to teach us to write, "correctly" it can be frustrating. Even the way we tie our shoes is just a touch different. If you hadn't tried to teach a leftie how to tie their shoes, you wouldn't even know.

Scissors tend to be a bit uncomfortable if we use them for a long time because they aren't built for a left hand. Most people wouldn't know this and we don't say much I suppose but those are just some of the everyday struggles a left hander has and sometimes it would be nice to items that made it a bit more convenient.

My Grandpa was left handed but in the era of teachers forcing him to write with his right hand. He passed the lefty gene onto me and I have always thought it was funny. I am left handed but throw right handed. My brothers are right handed but throw left handed. For tennis and ping pong I tend to use both hands depending on the angle but bowling I am strictly right handed.

Three ring binders are awkward to write in, my husband suggested flipping it upside down, we aren't in school. I'd just rather not use one altogether. Unless three ring binders had the option of going left. Oooh. Can we make this a thing? Would companies be willing to go left every once in a while. Like a special line of items for the lefties because even if you aren't one, I guarantee you love someone who is.

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