I love memes and gifs. No, I take that back. I I L-I-V-E for memes and gifs.

Memes and gifs are the bright spots that fill my day with extended joy! I have saved about a hundred different ones on my phone to cheer me up when I'm feeling down. Sometimes, they express the blunt, keeping-it-real, or mean (yet funny) things I want to say to everybody else (or in some cases, to a few people in particular, grrr).

Memes and gifs can also poke fun at some new hilarious event or person that enters the pop culture timeline. Some of my favorites are the ones with the "Crying Jordan" face, the "Man on the Phone", "Stares In Spanish", "#SaltBae", "Kermit-None Of My Business", "Lady At BET Awards at Migos Fight", "Meryl Streep Yelling" and any meme with "Joanne The Scammer".

I am over here cracking up over the newest entries of "#PermitPatty", "BBQ Becky", "Lebron James Leaving With Handbag" and the many versions of the Black Panther Killmonger "Is This Your King?" memes. I don't even know the backstory behind the "Out Of Breath Spongebob" meme, but seeing all the different versions of it is making me holler!

The worst thing about memes, however, is that due to copyright laws, I cannot post any on our station's website or Facebook page! Boooo! The other horrible thing about memes and gifs is that sinking feeling you get (or is it just me) when you get a new sim card in your smart phone and it doesn't have any of your saved stuff on it! Now you have to start all over saving all new ones! Stressful.

Drop your favorite memes and gifs below and help us find something new to bring that much-needed chuckle to everyone's day!

By the way, if you ever want to find out the backstory to a meme, check out this website, Know Your Meme.

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