I heard about this lady who always sends out a Louisiana care package to her sisters-in-law who live in other states, and I was thinking that it was such a cool idea. I was stumped trying to come up with a list of things that I would send out to my friends and family that was filled with stuff that you can only get in Yakima. I finally came up with a great list of five things!

Lollihops - My friend, Heather Hadsel, came up with this brilliant idea to fuse candy with something that 75% of the United States comes to Yakima for--HOPS! They are so good that even top notch beer industry experts Haas Hops and Samuel Adams beer company took notice!

Garlic Pretzels - I discovered these delicious treats during a visit to Spring Barrel Wine Tasting Weekend a few years ago. They are now Yakima-famous! (P.S. I heard that the pretzels can only be found at Masset Winery in Zillah, so I should say that they are Zillah-famous, too!)

I Heart Yakima - My friends Laura, Jessica, and Bridget came up with this genius idea to promote a love for our city. Even Macklemore got his hands on an I Heart Yakima t-shirt! (Click the link to see the pic!) I heard it through the grapevine that the rest of us mere mortals can pick up one of these t-shirts at The Seasons Performance Hall.

The Little Soapmaker - I gave my mom one of their candles in a "Welcome Back to Yakima" basket and she when she returned home to Tennessee she sent me a text asking me where I got that great candle! It was the "Sage and Citrus", and that candle smells so freaking good that I went back and bought one for myself! Take that, Mom!

Copperpot Caramels - I have never had one of these, but all my friends swear by them and tell me they are to die for. I met one of the co-founders, Colleda, and she told me they are a definite treat! You can get them at Johnson Orchard Fruit on Summitview Ave. They are so good that even Martha Stewart took notice!

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