It's that time of year again. When kids and mom's alike both say "Didn't school just get out for the Summer?" Well, yes, it did and it's never too late to think about getting those school supplies. Every school has a list that your child needs to provide on their own, but where to go? It's not cheap to fill that backpack of pencils, paper, glue, crayons and everything else on that list. Here are our top places in Yakima that you can go to fill out your school supplies list.

  • Walmart

    When it comes to one-stop shopping, not many places trump Walmart in that category. You'll find an ample supply of what you need as well as the lists of what the schools are requesting this year. The always low prices make it convenient so you won't have to clip coupons as well, saving you more time.

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  • Target

    Like Walmart, they're a great one-stop resources for all of your back to school needs. They'll also run great deals specifically for back to school that you can keep your eye out those sales through the newspaper or through the target website. Also, like Walmart, you'll probably be here any getting your kids their back to school clothes. Take care of all of it all at once.

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  • The Dollar Store

    When in doubt, there's the dollar store - any dollar store will do. You may not find exactly what you need, the quality you're used to or the selection as you'll find at other stores, but when everything's a buck, beggers can't be choosers. Depending on what's on your list, they may not have it here either. I don't think they'd have a giant box of crayons for a dollar, for instance, but they'll have smaller boxes that you can buy a few of. The dollar store is a great place to start, then hit up the other stores for the other items on your list.

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  • Yakima Bindery

    Back to school isn't just limited to Elementary school, all schools will require you to bring your own supplies. For specific, hard to find items, you'll most definitely find them at the Yakima Bindary in downtown Yakima. I know several teachers who get their supplies here and there's no reason why you can't as well. I'm not sure about crayons, but quality pens, paper and other school supplies can be found here and reasonably priced.
  • YVCC Bookstore

    If you're going to YVC, they have their own store - the Yakima Valley Community College Bookstore. But even if you don't go to YVC, it's not just limited to college students. Aside from the textbooks needed for YVC students you can also find a great selection of what you need, especially for high school students. You can even shop the YVCC Bookstore online.