Whenever there's an option to bring in a new store or everyone in Yakima is playing the 'what store is going in that location,' one popular store that often comes up is Trader Joe's. Unfortunately, I'm here to tell you, it's not happening. Not within the next couple of years anyway.

I hadn't even been to a Trader Joe's until about a year ago and I fell in love with the quaintness. It's not the type of place to go grocery shopping for the month, but an awesome place to grab a few unique items on the go. I'm sure Yakima would fully welcome a Trader Joe's in the area. Trader Joe's released a statement explaining how they choose which neighborhoods to set up shop. Unfortunately, Yakima doesn't meet that criteria.

With today's age of technology, I decided to message them and just ask, point blank, if Trader Joe's was coming to Yakima. Here is their response:

Although it's really an honor to be wanted, Yakima is not part of our 2 year plan at this time. Unfortunately we don't disclose what goes into our decision making processes of selecting a location. Should anything change, I will let you know.

Alison Mochizuki

So, there you have it. Will Yakima ever get a Trader Joe's? That's anyone's guess, but we know we won't be getting one for at least the next two years.

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