There is something wrong with any adult 18 and above, speaking to a minor in any sort of sexual way. If you are a teenage girl or boy reading this and you feel like you are so much more mature than your peers so you should be seeing someone that is older. NOT YET!

If you are under 18 and you have someone who is messaging you and interested in you and trying to take you out and do things with you and you are still a minor. THIS IS NOT A COMPLIMENT AND THIS IS NOT OK. YOU NEED TO SPEAK WITH YOUR PARENTS OR GUARDIAN.  Something is wrong with their thought process. With how they are living their life and YOU do not need that drama in yours. TRUST ME.

Travis Barker from Blink-182 just went IN on an adult, who was doing just that!

Travis's beautiful 13-year old daughter showed her Dad messages she had been receiving from a musician in the music industry. Echosmith Drummer Graham Sierota, who is 20. The hi's in her DM began when she was only 10 years old!

Travis's daughter did an exceptional job ignoring him and then pointing out her age but the response he gave is alarming.

Graham has since apologized and you can find the entire exchange HERE

I gotta be honest, it reads like he got caught and tried to backtrack. We HAVE got to be paying attention. THERE IS NOTHING NORMAL ABOUT THAT!

This is my follow-up to the list of apps your child might be using that you need to be aware of. The list is growing and if I am missing another or you have a story you would like to share PLEASE contact me.




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