What you'll need to dye your own masks

  • white masks
  • roses of whatever color you're interested in ( I have only tested the color red so far)
  • pot and a bit of water


  • Boil the water and stir your rose petals, this is normally how you would make rose water. After a few minutes set it back to simmer and grab all the beautiful rose water you can capture
  • Dip your mask in the rose water and set out to air dry
  • After it's dry take each mask and try to remove all the access water
  • Hand wash with dish soap to set the color
  • throw them in the dryer (be prepared for the dryer to have streaks of pink) super easy to remove with water and a towel
Sarah Johnson
Can you see the rose-colored streaks?
Sarah Johnson
These started off white and then were dyed with rose water
Sarah Johnson
My first DIY tie-dye experience having to do with masks

Masks when you leave the house, masks when you want to hang, masks in the drive-through, we're out here taking masked up selfies while we #hashtag it #maskuptoopenup and it seems to be working because the numbers are dropping.

The masks are everywhere and it looks like they aren't going anywhere anytime soon so everyone is getting pretty creative with their masks. They are ordering them on-line to match their outfits, supporting their favorite local businesses by purchasing or grabbing a disposable one while getting the shopping done.

I came into work on Friday and was all excited to see a box of white masks, so I took some home with me. Who knew any of us would get so excited when being provided with free masks!

The thought has crossed my mind a while back that maybe I should tie-dye some white masks and while making rose water, I thought, man that color looks awesome. What if I were to just drop a mask in there, what would happen?

UM! It will dye the mask. :)

I went the full test route, I dipped them. Let them dry overnight, rinsed out all the access color in the morning, washed it with a bit of dish soap and threw them in the dryer to set. I did have to clean up the dryer a bit, but it was super easy with a towel and water. No stain but the color actually stayed!

Now this is my first time ever using roses to dye fabric, they weren't cut from my garden, they were long stem red roses my husband has surprised me with so the chances of them having dye in them, to make them deep red is a possibility, but look at how gorgeous they turned out!

Fingers crossed I am not breathing in toxic chemicals but I just has to share and really wanted to know if who else out there is getting creative with their masks?

Drop me a photo and I'll add to the list!

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The next time you treat yourself to a bouquet or are given one and they start to fade, don't waste them, turn it into colorful liquid to create unique masks :)



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