The Mondy after a fall back in time is always a trip. We have gotten so used to our digital devices that you completely forget the other clocks that need to be changed.

All those dang clocks

There were probably four or five times today my heart skipped a beat because I thought, oh crap, I'm late, or where did the time go?

Sarah Johnson
I have never figured out how to change this clock

I had to laugh at the car radio because I have never figured out how to change it, so I am thankful that's not the only source of what time it is in my car.

Office clocks, desk clocks, wall clocks, and regular watches all need to be set back an hour and that dang sun is setting so early now!

Last night we stayed up a bit but I know tonight I will be ready to crawl under the sheets earlier than it's time just based on the darkness so I must fight the feeling.

For those that are feeling a bit off, experts recommend you attempt to create the same schedule, setting the alarm for when you normally would wake-up and still going to bed at the same time. Also, it's suggested that you don't take longer than normal naps because that can really throw off your sleep schedule.

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