Not gonna lie. I'm super pumped to be hooking up kids with tickets to compete in the annual trout races.

Nikki, my fantastic co-worker, and I just got back from Bi-Mart to grab the winner's poles and all the fun goodie bags.

Two of the poles light up and the other two, well they are just as fancy for other reasons. It's been a minute since I went fishing so I was at a loss with all the different names of the items, but it doesn't matter what level of angler you are, the trout races are a favorite at the annual Sportsmen Show. And currently, we are hooking up lucky listeners to compete at 3 p.m. Saturday (Feb. 15) at the Yakima Valley SunDome.

Each contestant will receive a candy bag and a T-shirt, they will get to pick a lane for their fish and they will also get to name it. The top four winners will receive poles and we can't wait to fill up the cheering section with your friends and family.

There will be 11 heats and each kid is competing against our sister stations. Loads of fun, so keep it here and listen for your chance to walk away a winner

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