You've seen people use those turkey fryers on YouTube and all the accidents that can occur. You think to yourself, "not me, I'm not going to be that guy," but how do you know for sure when you've never done it? If you plan on frying a turkey for the holidays, here are some helpful tips on how to not blow up your neighborhood.

  • First, a few things to watch out for. Keep in mind that these vessels to fry turkeys in can topple over very easily, spilling hot oil everywhere. If that hits the fire, you'll have an oil fire that's not easy to put out.
  • You have to make sure your turkey is thawed, too. Not doing so may cause an overflow of oil. The National Turkey Federation (yes, it exists) recommends 24 hours for every 5 pounds.
  • Remember that these units are metal so you can cause burns to yourself just by touching the lid and the sides of the fryer.
  • When Using a Turkey Fryer

  • Use Outdoors Only and away from any building or structure. Make sure there's no covering (ie. shed or canopy) and and it's used on a flat surface.
  • Never leave it unattended. Ever.
  • Keep children away. Even after your turkey is done as it takes a long time for the oil to cool down.
  • Don't overfill.
  • Use well-insulated oven mitts or potholders. It's also recommended you wear goggles in case of oil splatter.
  • Have a fire extinguiser nearby, just in case. If there is an accidental fire, don't use water.
  • Via UL

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