After you open your presents from whatever the occasion might be. Don't throw out those boxes. Like the ones, TVs and game consoles come in. Instead, turn them into vision boards. The best thing about vision boards. You can put just about anything on them. And you will keep the boxes out of landfills.

What is a vision board you might ask? Basically, it is a board where you can put your goals or whatever motivates you. You can hang it up in your home or office. I've made vision boards with pictures from magazines. Or I just printed out on paper. You can also decorate your vision board how you want to.

It's kinda like arts and crafts for your life. Doing this can clear your mind. You can see what you want to accomplish in your life. It can be anywhere from fitness to travel. Relationships to spirituality, it is up to you. The best thing about making a vision board from those boxes. Your family and friends can get in on it too.


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