There was a recent list of best coffee cities in the United States of America and, to no surprise, a city in Washington state made the list and I bet you already know which one.

Source: WalletHub

It's Seattle.
Of course it's Seattle.

Seattle was also tied for first place in most affordable coffee shops, coffee houses and cafes rated 4.5+ stars (along with Portland, San Diego and San Francisco), tied for first in most coffee shops per capita, tying with New York, San Francisco and Portland, and tied with Portland for most coffee and tea manufacturers per capita.

Look at those states, with Seattle being first, the others in top place are Portland, San Francisco and New York.

If you despise coffee, last place on this list of 100 has Greenboro, Toledo and Laredo is last place.

See the full list at Wallet Hub and tell us what you're favorite place for coffee is.

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