Searching for something free to do with the kids? There are just a handful of Kids Club events left being held at Valley Mall and the next one is Wednesday, August 4th, 2020.

Each Kids Club has a theme and this one is Storybook.

The event begins at 11 am on Wednesday and continues until 1 pm or until supplies run out. It's best to arrive from the backside of Valley Mall and make your way over to the Sears section of the parking lot. You will see cones and tape to guide you through as you wait in line for your bag. It is also suggested that the kids receiving the bags are in the vehicle with you.

Each week's bag contains items that go with the theme and we have had so many fun ones. The themes that are left go a little something like this:

Sports Day on Wednesday, August 12th, and Safari for the last Kids Club of the season.

This is all brought to you by Valley Mall and it is a free event that normally takes place inside the center court of Valley Mall. Covid-19 has brought on many challenges but we are very thankful for Valley Mall to dig in and make adjustments so the parents and kids have something fun to look forward to during the summer.

I will be broadcasting live with 107.3 KFFM and will have a special code word for entries to win a family four-pack of Silverwood tickets, just yell out your car window and say, "Sarah J hook me up" and I will provide you with the code to enter and win.

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