"Yakima's Most Jacked-Up Boat for Sale Is an EYESORE"...I called myself looking for the most jacked-up boat for sale on Craigslist so that I could write about it, but instead, I found myself "oohing" and "ahhing" over a bunch of boats that I cannot even afford! Makes me wish I could win the lottery so that I'd have a huge stash of cash so I can buy myself a big boat!

Doing a little window-shopping on Craigslist, I found everything from a large landing craft in Seattle for about half a million dollars...to

screenshot via seattle craigslist.org

a sailing yacht in Anacortes for around $379,000.

screenshot via seattle craigslist.org

a half pontoon/half surf boat from Coeur d'Alene for $155,000.

screenshot via tri-cities craigslist.org

another surf boat from Ellensburg for about $119,000.

screenshot via Yakima Craigslist.org

I'd even settle for this little sailboat that's the price of a small car ($8,500).

screenshot via Pullman-Moscow Craigslist.org

I know what you're saying, if I'm going to invest in this kind of a purchase, I had better get myself a boat trailer first and then find a place to store the boat. There are a few places in town that you can stash your boat: Yakima Secure Storage on Castlevale Rd and Apple Valley RV Boat & Mini in Union Gap. I am sure there are others but I don't know of them. Where do you recommend?

With my kind of budget, the biggest boat I'm going to get for my buck is a beat-up old kayak for $65. I guess I had better start saving up!