I was asked to be a judge for the Mr. Wapato Pageant, and of course, I agreed. There were five gentlemen going for the title of Mr. Wapato: Chance, Johnny, Axel, Carlos and Manuel. They were judged on talent, interview skills and who their hero was. These guys also got some help from the current Miss Wapato royalty.

Throughout their time as candidates, they also raised money for the Memorial Foundation. All the proceeds that these young men collected -- and what they collected the night of the pageant -- went toward the child care programs at  Children's Village and Virginia Mason Memorial. These are programs that we at Townsquare Media have helped raise money for in the past. They raised $5,435, plus a little over $350 the night of the pageant.

The 'MIracle Family'  also attended the pageant. Orlando Perea and his family, who are from Wapato, shared his story. From being told that Orlando would not walk, Orlando's mom shared a few videos of him walking with his doctors.

One of these gentlemen would win the title of Mr. Teen Wapato. And in the end, congratulations went to Carlos Trejo. He also received a $500 scholarship from the Memorial Foundation. GO WOLFPACK!!

Mr. Teen Wapato Pageant




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