Wapato wants their graduates to know, "we see you, all of you"

I was perusing Facebook and noticed an acquaintance Carrie Grace Farias was busy gathering participants for this years graduation parade and I had to know more.

Apparently in Wapato, as I'm sure other places, graduation's a bid deal for everyone. The kindergartners have a ceremony, fifth and eighth graders. It's not just about the seniors here. Covid-19 halted everyone's celebrations across the World. In Wapato nobody was getting publicly acknowledged besides the seniors. A tough cookie to swallow missing out on each classes year end assembly, acknowledging everything the students have accomplished.

Carrie wanted to do something about it and began with the eight graders but then thought, "everyone needs this, we have to acknowledge them" Within a week she'd gotten ahold of the schools and a graduation parade was born. It was put together so quickly a lot of people found out last minute or just weren't jazzed due to Covid-19 so they stayed away. This year she wants to make sure everyone has more time to prepare and she's got help! If you want more details you can contact Carrie, Margaret Estrada the stand-in Mayor, or Elizabeth Bueno Villa on the board plus check all the Wapato social medias for updates as the date gets closer.

Monday, June 14th 2021 at 6:30 pm the parade will be winding through the city of Wapato. You can line-up on the sides of the streets and cheer on the graduates or become part of the procession.

Everyone will be meeting at the community center parking lot at 6 pm. Bring your decorated cars or even create a float. Fire trucks will guide the parade through town including the state patrol and Wapato PD. A perfect chance for you to meet the new staff. Parents will be there, drummers for the different tribes will be out, there is a kid that rides in the big parades with the mariachi, he will be bringing his dancing horse and so much more. Help spread the word and let's celebrate!


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