Shout out to The who reports that Emelia Jackson, age 23, said she went through at least eight family bags of flaming hot Cheetos per week to satisfy her pregnancy cravings. Emelia says she would wake up her boyfriend, Janson Correa, in the middle of the night to go get her some Cheetos.

Overall, Emelia says she ate 320 bags of Flamin' Hot Cheetos during her pregnancy. She loves Cheetos so much that she has a Facebook profile picture of herself in a bathtub full of, you guessed it, CHEETOS (and candles).

Now, Emelia ended up having a red-headed baby, which people thought was odd because she is African-American and Norweigian and her boyfriend, Janson, is Portuguese and Hawaiian.
They named their beautiful little red-headed baby, Kai-Lono. I'm over here looking at Kai's picture and he is just TOO CUTE! Look at those little cheeks and those big eyes! And that bright red hair! Awww. My ovaries are hurting!

Guess which state Emelia is from. JUST GUESS. If you said Florida, then YOU ARE WRONG!

EMELIA LIVES IN WASHINGTON STATE, y'all! She lives in Everett.

To the people are out here saying that eating Flaming Hot Cheetos is out here causing babies to be born with red hair, you can all miss me with that mess!

If anything, it seems that eating 320 bags of Flaming Hot Cheetos makes you end up having a super cute little Cheeto baby!

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