It's International Puppy Day around the world, where people celebrate their best furry friends. It's no secret that Yakimites love their dogs, they go above and beyond to see any kind of furry smile on their faces.

Being the dog lovers we are, we wanted to share some fun easy ways to celebrate your best friend this International Puppy Day, whether or not your dog is a puppy in age or just at heart.

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5.) A trip to the Dog Park

Every dog has a favorite park, right? If not we have the perfect park in mind where you can whisk your puppy away to a day full of fun. Sherman Park Dog Park is located on 1401 Arboretum Dr, hands down our favorite park to frequent and for good reason, with wide-open spaces both in the park and the actual dog park, it's the perfect place for your buddy to run free and enjoy the company of other good boys and girls while doing so.

4.) Grab a Puppachino at your coffee shop

Most Coffee stands or drive-thrus keep some special good boy and girl treats anytime you have your pup in the car, some go above and beyond and make a little puppachino with whipped cream and a dog treat. My favorite place to frequent with my pup is Mocha Tree on Nob Hill Blvd. Not only is it some of the best coffee in the valley but they absolutely love seeing your dog happy. The first time I brought BamBam here they gave me a lid with whipped cream topped with a couple of treats. Now I can't say I'm going to get coffee without Bambam running around the corner ready to go with me to get his puppachino!

3.) Take them for a ride!

Believe it or not, most dogs love car rides, some associate it with going to the vet or having to do something they don't wanna do, by taking them to a coffee stand, a dog park, or even a fun pet store will change their outlook and make even the grumpiest pup excited to get into the car. Honestly, most dogs are fine with taking a drive down Yakima Ave without stopping once just so they can hang their head out the window and enjoy all the smells Yakima has to offer.

2.) Check out Pet Pantry on 5701 Summitview Ave

Pet Pantry is an amazing place with tasty treats for your pup and they're all healthy treats. They even offer a variety of freeze-dried treats made from 100% chicken, pig, salmon, you name it they have it there. You can even bring your pup along with you to pick out a new toy or treat to feel extra special!

1.) Get them a Very Special Dinner

Most Restaurants around the Yakima Valley allow you to bring your dog as long as you're okay with sitting outside. Since it's springtime there are plenty of places worth checking out our favorite spot to take BamBam is 2nd street Bar and Grill where they offer a variety of delicious foods and some that are more than safe for dogs to enjoy including playing chicken, a hamburger patty or even some unsalted fries. You'll both leave with a full belly and a smile on your face after sharing a great dinner together.

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