You might be reading the headline and going, "What in the world?..." but believe it or not, this guy's car almost caught on fire because the weather was too hot! It happened to a driver in Idaho when a bottle of water that he left in his car on a hot day reportedly heated up to 213 degrees. It actually burned a couple of holes in the seat of his car (there's a video below)! While this story sounds like something out of the Idaho Twilight Zone, something like that could likely happen to someone here in Washington state, too, if we're not careful enough.

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Can You Really Start A Fire in Your Car with a Water Bottle?

I am sure you've tried that weather experiment where you crack an egg on the sidewalk and see if it will cook on the pavement. Well, the weather in Washington state has been so hot lately that I bet that you COULD cook an egg on the street! I've also heard of people seeing if they can bake cookies on the dashboard of their cars after leaving it exposed to the hot sun all day. I'm pretty sure that won't work because most cookies need to be baked in at least 350-degree heat, duh. I think that should be common sense but you try and tell that to some people! Baking science be damned, there is a video on how to bake cookies on a car dashboard!

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Anyway, let's get back to that guy in Idaho whose car seat almost caught on fire with a WATER BOTTLE. How insane is that! It seems as though when you have outside temperatures with "low humidity and high heat", the sunlight refracted through the plastic creates a fire. (Shout out to Michelle Hart at our sister station in Boise for the story!)

Water Bottles Are Dangerous to Leave in Your Cars-Even in Washington State

We've already had a heat advisory issued this week in parts of the state, so it might be a good idea to take all the water bottles out of your car, especially if they will be exposed to any sunlight. It might be an over precaution but better safe than sorry and have to replace your car!

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