Oh. My. Gosh. It's HOT! WE have entered the heatwave of heatwaves in the Yakima Valley, so everyone hold on to your butts -- or more like protect your butts from naked skin on hot seats and bare feet on burning pavement.

Side note: If it's too hot for your bare feet to walk around on the pavement that is the same burn your dog is feeling, so please be kind and walk them early in the morning, late at night and bring them inside to enjoy the cool air you are enjoying (I hope you are enjoying).

And you've probably noticed it's pretty gray outside. City of Yakima Fire Department just posted a video explaining where the smoke is coming from and yeah you're going to hear Siberia mentioned, I know, crazy right? The air quality is bad and if you can avoid going outside it would be advised. FINALLY you have a good reason to sit on the couch and not move! :)

Stock the fridge with the ice cubes, I started packing sandwich bags with ice cubes and thought it was a really great idea until I realized I was drinking my water so fast my ice cube stockpile was gone before I knew it...and yes I could buy a giant bag of ice but I don't have that kind of room in my freezer, the struggle is real.

I will say what a DUMB idea it is to put your sheets in the freezer before falling asleep. Seriously even when it's not hot who likes making the bed? Tack on a few more degrees in your bedroom while you are attempting to cool yourself down and I can just see you in a pool of sweat swearing at the DJ that mentioned this, "great" idea. So I take it back, it's NOT a good idea.

You could put ice packs in your pillow case and I still stand behind putting ice on your pressure points to cool you down. It seriously works, if only for a little bit.

There are tons of ways to stay cool and probably won't save you from a little bit of discomfort, but at least you know you're not alone. We are melting together :)




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