The weather has been pretty frightful and I know a lot of you are starting to feel antsy. Did you know that you are presented with signs every single day? Signs from our loved ones to let us know we are not alone. Do you ever feel like you find certain items laying around?

The year I graduated High School I kept finding all these random plastic figurines outside my car wherever I went. I started collecting them on my dash and after a while, I came to expect that when I opened my car door after parking there was probably going to be a tiny dinosaur or who knows what. What that sign meant I don't really know but there had to have been a reason.

Our resident psychic medium Melissa Henyan will be in studio today starting at 4 pm PST and that is the topic she has picked for the day[0]=68.ARClPFNXVY7rnd6aunUkSlKAhfiLRgXxMhAAJdHd2UPpZNSN7CB-i_83eFf2WqBRUQ5zM8y17_AuD1psRZXDqm3twSpitDEelqkssrZml3I1h6c5cHTgCvg7hsS8z7-wkjng8erLBQZ08twVke6_q1xgqUr7y51qXzt_RI4ispGohCiDZU2M_GKAX_QpriFVa4kD930wjLF8ajrHBtGDwTapvAP1QaXL3kfHQEt5ACzjoeWuqXKzuB-5kFUm75VST_6nfHWorZpo-V92i_CNn3kKMvA5TeO4wzjDk7ABwQvVrlVaRyWG5ke-3FnGvpVM1T5PM20Nj4dYocAWHIbbW2j1R9BtFoBK4qQKUQ0_M4jmWNpFYbg35yBztNCri1uNZDdDNRv0jAjdopiLXqRmQuqHm5JmNK0Q7Vj0dvTta6HtW2l_AjaMEBbUEDa6OxkTqTo6MFLkQsO8b1O9hnGc164iwlTIkGYiUW42vP6ejd0Vv6K7r3d4k5zTLnW7

Feel free to give us a call to ask your questions 509-972-1073 or join us live on our 107.3 KFFM facebook page. Honestly, the best way for you to get answers is to join us with one question that you really want to be answered ask, and then wait. She will go through all the questions and you will notice it's not in order. Sometimes there are loved ones who come through VERY strong so she is pulled to them first.

If she doesn't get to you no worries, she usually has time to go back through later that day or week but again, Melissa does this for a living so if you are interested in a full reading you are more than welcome to schedule an appointment with her. We get her for a very short period of time but I can tell you from experience if it's your time to be read it will happen. Never a bad idea to invite your friends and family with you to watch. She will list of A LOT of info and sometimes it might not connect with you at the time and only begins to make sense when you go through it with family.


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