Every year we participate in Celebrity Turkey Bowling at Grocery Outlet. Teams of three bowl turkeys and for each strike, Grocery Outlet donates a turkey to the charity of the team's choice. Here's what went down.

Representing KFFM is myself and D-Rez. Since they allow teams of three we recruited our digital guy, John Taylor, to help us out. He's usually too busy taking photos and videos that he never gets to play along. I figured he should have some fun, too. The charity we bowl for is Northwest Harvest.

D-Rez went first and did great! Six strikes means six turkeys. I got five which I'm good with. I've done more but I've certainly done less.

John Taylor, for doing this for the first time, didn't do bad. He got three which certainly helps. At 14 turkeys, a lot of families will have a great Thanksgiving. 14 put us in a tie between KDBL and KIT making it a three-way tie for first place!

That is until KATS swept all of us with 19.

All in all, we had a great time. Thanks to Grocery Outlet for allowing us to do this every year.

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