Covid-19 has hit families hard. Food banks are suffering across the country and families are working every angle to figure out how to get food on the table with little to no income. The struggle is real and there is no shame in reaching out for help. Thankfully we are currently experiencing higher levels of giving and so if you are ready, check this out!

Grocery Outlet is celebrating a decade of hosting its Independence from Hunger Campaign, which kicked off at the end of last month, and goes through July 31st, 2020.

During this time they are encouraging you to give $5 at your local store and you will get $5 in return to go towards a future purchase of $25 or more.

You can also head to your local Grocery Outlet and purchase a prepacked bag of items that's been specifically packed to fit the needs of those receiving.

Once you are at the check-out counter please tell the Grocery Outlet representative you would like to donate $5 or $1 to round out your change and know that your donation is going directly to that store's local food agency partner.

In the past 9 years Grocery Outlet has successfully raised over $7 million in cash and food donations with a record-breaking $2 million being brought in just last year so in honor of giving back coupled with the knowledge of incredible need at this time Grocery Outlet has committed to matching up to $ 1 million dollars at the end of this year's campaign in an effort to support local food agencies.

Every dollar you donate is truly going right back into our very own community.

So what are you waiting for?

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