Oh, relationships. We all have them, from the family you're born with to the family you create as you get older. Sometimes blood isn't thicker than water when it comes to you being who you really are and your family seeing you some other type of way. This can lead to hiding a part of yourself or getting into relationships with people for reasons other than truly building a connection. When it crumbles you aren't shocked because you knew it was going to happen and then you do it again and again. Let's break the cycle.

I've got a friend searching for a connection right now, currently on all the apps and some of the stories she's been posting are blowing my mind. From getting ghosted to realizing someone had been copying and pasting sentences to multiple girls, she figured it out when they forgot to change the name to hers. That's a red flag warning for sure.

We all hit a moment where a red flag is presented and depending on where we are with our own self-love we choose to ignore the signs and barrel forward or we acknowledge what just happened and confront the b.s. head-on.

I spoke with a professional, Dr. Correa who was willing to break down what a healthy relationship looks like, how to approach online dating and so much more. You don't have to continue dealing with someone who is dragging your down, they might not even realize what they are doing because they don't know how to love you. Learning what your own love languages help you understand the things you need to feel loved and then finding out the love languages of your partner can open up an entirely new world of possibilities.

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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