I have a friend (we'll call her "Annie") who confided in me that she really didn't want to go anywhere for Thanksgiving.

Annie said that her family lives thousands of miles away and she did not want to deal with the hassle of traveling through the airports with her child or dealing with all of the flight delays and cancellations that are typical this time of year because of the weather and overbookings.

She has several friends in town who have invited her to their house for "Friendsgiving," but Annie just wants to stay home, munch on snacks, watch TV and play with her little one.

Is she being selfish for wanting to stay at home for the holidays, or should she get herself together and put on a fake smile and head over to her friend's home for a Thanksgiving meal?

I told her to woman up and go to her friend's. Even if she doesn't feel like she's in the mood, being around friends for any reason is a day to cherish and be thankful for.