When you're looking at the beer selection at the store or ask what's on tap at your favorite restaurant, the term IPAwill probably come up. What does IPA stand for and how do it differ from other beers?

IPA stands for India Pale Ale. In simple terms, it's a hoppy beer in comparison to others that may use wheat like hefeweizens. Hops give it a special bitter citrus flavor depending on how it was brewed and on what hops were used.

To go beyond IPA, there are also several variations of IPAs including a difference between East Coast and West Coast IPAs where IPAs in the West Coast have a very prominent hop flavor as the Pacific Northwest (specifically, the Yakima Valley) produces 75% of the hops in the United States. East Coast IPAs may feature a greater balance of hops and malt.

Then you get into beers like Double IPAs. As tasty as they can be, watch your pacing as they also feature a higher alcohol content.

IPAs are a very popular style of beer and are growing in popularity even further by the minute. There'll be plenty of IPAs to choose from at American On Tap coming to Yakima on September 12. Get your tickets now through the America On Tap website.

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