Hi! My name is Sarah J and I LOVE pizza! I love so many different varieties, the specialties...like for real with the walnuts, fancy cheese and pears or tried and true pepperoni but since I have been working for Townsquare Media I have NEVER encountered such bizarre pizza combinations!! Hahaha we have Wild Fired Pizza who it seems is making it their mission to create the weirdest flavor combinations and trying them on us!

My first experience was finding pineapple on all FOUR pizzas including onions, or olives but none with Canadian bacon hahaha (I don't like pineapple on my pizza...i know I know) This time was something I have NEVER experienced. It was green and no it wasn't green pepper, zucchini or spinach. Take a look...what do YOU think it is? They named it The Cattle Drive.


For fun I want to know the weirdest topping YOU have seen on a pizza? :) If you love veggies on your pizza the Lazy Hunter is BOMB!!!

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