Man Monday rolls around every week and EVERY week it's a struggle. If only we had three days off each week or at least a service that would make getting up easier. Like I could continue sleeping but somehow my shower, clothes and make-up are on point. I mean waking up to the alarm clock is just like ugggggggg BUT when you are trying to plan for the day AND THIS happens, it can be just too much! ;)

With adulting comes bill paying so I am TRYING to work on a budget which includes using coupons so I was SUPER excited when I found the KFC coupon, that's plenty of food for me and my husband plus left overs! Perfect food for Monday is all set.........if only it was still 2015!!! NOOOO then instead of just throwing it away I left it on the counter and got juked AGAIN later when I saw a great Taco Bell was THE BACK OF THE OTHER COUPON! Juked twice. And that ladies and gentlemen is what a Monday feels like :)

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