Why did I post this? Because I wanted to. I like the beat and .... it makes me happy.

How are you dealing with the Monday blues?

Apparently Monday, January 20th is like blue city.

This time of the year is kind of strange. It's still cold and grey outside but the holidays have passed. Possibly you traveled or you spent a ton on presents and now the reality of paying rent and bills is becoming super overwhelming.

This is a super important time to check-in on your friends and family and yourself.

It's ok to reset yourself at any point, you don't need to beat yourself up if you didn't conquer every single thing you had hoped to accomplish. There is always tomorrow.

Are you happy? Why not? Need help identifying what's going on?

This weekend I began meditating and I REALLY love it, that's a simple and free way to start rewiring yourself as we roll through the first month of 2020.

Every Wednesday our psychic Melissa Henyan joins us and that too is like meditating for me. If you haven't joined us before she will arrive at 4:30 pm. Feel free to message us with your burning questions. We love to dive in every week.

Just know you are not alone. The struggle is real for all of us and if you have a great tip or a trick that pushes you through the blue times I would love for you to share




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