I will be honest, I haven't been to Valley Mall, besides hanging out in the parking lot for Kids Club, since the pandemic hit. A few weeks ago Valley Mall opened up with restrictions for Phase 1.5 and I know there was a flood of people.

Today I got the chance to take a little tour so I figured if you've been itching to see inside or curious exactly how to go about shopping at Valley Mall I took photos and everything.

You'll enter from the front and on the outside if there is a line, they have placed social distancing markers to make it easier to see where to stand. When you get to the front, if you don't have a mask one will be provided for you and you will receive a colored wrist band. This band is good for 30 minutes of shopping so it's a good idea to have an idea of why you are there to maximize your time.

If you are passed your 30 minutes, there are security officers that will ask you to please exit through the front. If you aren't done shopping, that's fine but you need the new wrist band color so you can stand in the line or if there isn't one just have them give you a new wrist band at the front to continue your shopping. This is being done to make sure that the amount of bodies in the building at the same time falls within the guidelines of phase 1.5. If you're want to just do your own thing, then maybe it's not time for you to be shopping at Valley Mall just yet.

You can follow the website to see what stores are open currently and follow the social media of your favorites for more details.

There are some favorites that are about to open but I am not allowed to say which ones :)

Valley Mall Phase 1.5

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