releases an annual list of best small to mid-sized cities that are ideal to live in. One city in Washington state came in second place! What city do you think it might be?

Give it up to Bellevue for coming in second place. Although I've always considered Bellevue just that city before you get to Seattle, I'd never want to live in Seattle. Bellevue, on the other had, would be great. It has everything Seattle has, and it's home to awesome shopping, including the Bellevue Square Mall. I've also heard nothing but awesome things about their public schools, which rate as some of the best in the nation. If you're planning on moving to Seattle, I'd suggest looking around this area.

No. 20 on the list goes to our state's capital city, Olympia. Just because it's the capital of Washington doesn't mean it's full of boring political stuff. The nearby forests and lakes make it a prime location for anyone and it has an awesome local stage and theater scene.

Kirkland isn't just a bulk brand from Costco. This town just north of Seattle makes it to No. 25 on the list. I have a friend who lives in Kirkland and I love that area. Great waterfront, awesome schools and it seems a bit more affordable as westside communities go.

The first city to come from the east side of Washington is No. 64 on the list. Richland, as one-third of the Tri-Cities, has exactly what you're looking for in a town or city. It keeps its small-town feel while still having great shopping, great housing at lower-than-average prices and it's just a nice town.

No. 66 is Renton. The Seattle Seahawks have a training center there and it's where they make Boeing 747s. A wonderful industrial city right on the lake.

Between Seattle and the Canadian boarder you'll find the quaint town of Bellingham. Bellingham is where my parents met. It's the perfect college town with rolling hills to boot. I love this town. I don't visit it enough.

Bothell might only have a population of about 30,000, but it's growing and there's no reason why not. It's the type of town you'd see on TV shows and movies, but in real life. It's No. 80 on this list.

No,. 91 on the list belongs to Pullman, home of your Washington State University Cougars. This is the perfect town to move to when you want to move out of your own town at a young age. They even have a National Lentil Festival. Who knew?

Finally, at No. 95 you'll find Issaquah. Next time you're there, look up. This place is full of hang gliders, thanks to Tiger Mountain. Visit during Salmon Days if you can. And this town of about 30,000 still has a zoo. That's more than I can say for Yakima.

All in all, Washington state has eight cities on the list. Eight out of 100 is fantastic! Yakima didn't make the cut, but I'm OK with that. I think we're well represented.

What other towns should've been on this list?

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